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Essex +15 Smoke Hood

Orig. Price: $129.00
Sale Price: $109.00
Prod. Code: ES001



See Mike Busch's perspective on smoke hoods. Note: EVAC-U8 is no longer available.

The PLUS 15 is intended to be used as an escape filter hood in fire and smoke emergencies where oxygen exists in sufficient quantity to sustain life. Most fire situations contain sufficient oxygen. It is for a single use only.

The PLUS 15 has been designed in consideration of testing done by recognized international regulatory agencies that have studied fires. The contaminants that the PLUS-15 will remove, are based on these international studies.

Protects Against Carbon Monoxide



  • Clear FEP Hood Offers Maximum Visibility
  • 5 - 1/2 Year Shelf Life Lowers Replacement Cost
  • Lightweight, Portable, Easy-to-Use
  • One Size Fits Most Adults
  • Cost-Effective Solution for Large Groups or Individuals

The PLUS15 can be donned in less than 20 seconds. This includes the time to: remove the PLUS-15 and barrier puch from the nylon puch; removing the PLUS-15 from its barrier pouch; and placing the PLUS-15 over the head and positioning in front of the mouth and nose and tightening all fit straps.


The PLUS 15 does not provide oxygen. The contaminated air is drawn through the filter, cleaned and delivered to the user. Do not use the PLUS 15 in an oxygen deficient atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide:

Carbon Dioxide is introduced into the hood by the reaction of the carbon monoxide filter and by the breath exhaled by the user. Carbon Dioxide is removed from the hood when the user exhales, opening the exhalation valve adjacent to the filter and emitting air from inside the breathing zone.

Carbon Monoxide:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas found in almost all fires. It is the by-product of incomplete combustion. The PLUS-15 protects against CO concentrations as high as 10,000 ppm for over 15 minutes.

Inspection Method:

The PLUS-15 is acceptable for use if the "Replace By Date" marked on the label of the barrier pouch has not been exceeded and the barrier pouch has not been punctured, torn or lost vacuum.

Storage and Maintenance:

The PLUS-15 may be stored at temperatures between 85ºC/185ºF and -30ºC/-20ºF. The only maintenance needed for the PLUS-15 is to inspect the barrier pouch for any tears, punctures, and loss of vacuum or gain in weight. If there is any damage to the barrier pouch or the pouch has lost vacuum or the unit is otherwise damaged DO NOT USE THE DEVICE.

Materials of Construction:

    Hood Materials:

  • Hood:                                      FEP Film
  • Neck Seal:                               Elastic Draw Chord With Synch Ball
  • Adjustable Head Harness:          Flame Retardant Nylon
  • Nose Cup:                                FDA Grade Silicone
   Filter Materials:

  • Filter Holder:                            Polycarbonate
  • Particle Screen:                        Pleated N95 Filter
  • Acid Gas Pack:                         Granular Activated Carbon
  • Carbon Monoxide Removal:       Granular CO Catalyst

Challange Atmosphere:

The PLUS-15 Filter Assembly has been tested against the following single toxic gases:

Challenge Gas


Allowable Breakthrough

Actual Breakthrough

Carbon Monoxide

10,000 ppm

200 ppm

<30 ppm (24 min)

Hydrogen Cyanide

400 ppm

10 ppm

<10 ppm (60 min)

Hydrogen Chloride

1000 ppm

5 ppm

<5 ppm (170 min)

Acrolein (Propenal)

100 ppm

.5 ppm

<0.5 ppm (50 min)



A High Quality U.S.A. Made Smoke Hood That Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand
Dimensions 7" Long x 4" Tall x 5" Wide - When packaged in its protective nylon pouch.
Weight Approx. 450 grams, individual weight varies, specific weight is listed on the foil barrier pouch.
Duration of Use Provides 15 minutes of protection against exposure to toxic gases. Longer time duration can be achieved against less sever environments. (Refer to the "Challenge Atmosphere" under Detailed Images.
Packaging The Plus-15 is folded inside a hermetically sealed, waterproof barrier pouch, which is then packaged inside a protective nylon pouch. The barrier pouch can be opened by hand and requires no additional tools.
Shelf Life 5 years and 6 months from date of manufacture as long as the hermetically sealed barrier pouch has not been damaged and unit is properly stored in its nylon pouch.
Breathing Resistance The breathing resistance for inhalation is 3.2 in of H2O maximum and exhalation is 1.2 in of H2O maximum.
Fire Resistance Made from FEP film, which has a rated melting temperature of 500 to 540ºF (250 to 280ºC).