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Power Point Presentation: WATER SURVIVAL 101 (1.0 hrs.)

The Seven Steps to Survival gives you a comprehensive survival plan that starts even before you climb into your aircraft.

  • Recognition: Admit that your life is in danger. Act!
  • Inventory: Decide what will help and what will hurt. Do first-aid
  • Shelter: Preserve body heat with insulating materials. Get out of the water!
  • Signals: Help rescuers find you. (With or without signals)
  • Water: Procurement, you can only live two or three days without water.
  • Food: After safe and warm, food will sustain
  • Play: Stay busy and maintain a positive mental attitude.

Break (15 Minutes)

Hypothermia and Cold Water Near Drowning:

  • Stages
  • How to identify it.
  • How to prevent it. 
  • How to field treat it.

Surviving the Rescue: 

Rescues can be dangerous! Many lives have been lost during sea rescues. You're not safe until you are at home saying, "And there I was".                         

Break (Lunch)

Afternoon Session: Aprox. 1.5 Hrs

Pool Training: WATER SURVIVAL 101 (AST uses Winslow Liferafts for training).

  • How to make a successful water egress.
  • Lifevests: Maintenance, Storage, and Donning. 
  • Survival Float Positions (H.E.L.P. and Huddle) 
  • Lifevest Inflation / Malfunction Procedures, Self Righting, Equipment Attachment
  • Liferaft Egress Procedures (How to get it out of the aircraft)
  • Liferaft Deployment Procedures / Malfunction Procedure
  • Liferaft Righting Procedures
  • Liferaft Entry (Self Boarding / Assisted / Injured) 
  • Liferaft Management (Who's in charge?)
  • Assigning duties to all occupants.
  • Tidiness is paramount!
  • Deploying pyrotechnics from a liferaft
  • Rescue from Liferaft,
  • USCG / Navy Rescue Swimmer rescue (What to expect)

Show the Instructor what you learnedYou will act out a liferaft scenario while incorporating the Seven Steps to Survival Plan.

                   Call Randy to set up a class for your organization or for private sessions.

(202) 555-0884 email: info@astoverwater.com 


Scheduled Classes 

Saturday , 2013 (TBA)



  September 1st, 2012 Saturday  Water Survival 101, Mobile, Alabama

$79.00 Single, or $145.00 per Couple


  • Pick-up from (KMOB) Mobile Air Center F.B.O.
  • Classroom and Pool Session
  • Catered Lunch
  •  Return to (KMOB) Mobile Air Center F.B.O.

(202) 555-0884



Next Date To Be Announced, 1000 - 1430, Water Survival 101, Mobile, Alabama

$79.00 Single, $145.00 per Couple


  • Pick-up from (KMOB) Mobile Air Center F.B.O.
  • Catered Lunch
  • Return to (MOB) Mobile Air Center F.O.B.
  • Seminars at your location can be arranged as well!

Call (202) 555-0884 to make arrangements.



Comments about my classes


Thanks again for your presentation of “Survival in Florida” on Saturday, August 4, 2012 at Showalter Flying Services in Orlando at our Annual Corporate Safety Seminar. Your stories and examples from 23 years of U.S. Coast Guard experience added great validity to the 7 Steps to Survival: Recognition, Inventory, Shelter, Signals, Water, Food and Play. Your pool demonstration of the proper use of life jackets and raft during a survival situation at the Marriott Courtyard pool reception on Friday evening was outstanding and folks will be talking about it for years. This shows that people can have fun and learn at the same time. You put forth the extra effort with each participant to ensure that.

Thanks for being a team player, a leader, and tremendous positive influence and active supporter of aviation safety. We look forward to working with you on more projects and presentations.

Obie S. Young, President NASF

The National Aviation Safety Foundationis a support group whose objective is to enhance aviation safety through educational programs at designated facilities. During the year we provide extensive support for projects, perform safety seminars, and provide a wide dissemination of safety related information to all interested parties.


Our recommendation to all pilots and significant others that fly with them, is to take the AST Offshore Survival Class!

No pilot ever wants to think of the possibility of having to ditch their aircraft. Randy's class teaches you what you will need to know if you should have to ditch. Are you carrying the proper equipment to ensure that you'll have the best chance of survival? Are you prepared mentally and physically for what could happen and what you will be required to do for a successful egress and survival stay?
We discovered that even though we thought we were prepared better than most for a ditching scenario, we had some short fallings that may have prevented a successful outcome. We were also surprised to find how difficult it was to get into the liferaft in the swimming pool. "I can only imagine what it would be like in the open ocean". Randy demonstrated several methods to board the liferaft and even talked about how to stow the liferaft in the aircraft and how to bring it out in a hurry. We even learned a neat trick to keep the a/c door propped open by placing a headset on the following edge of the opened door. Our recommendation to all pilots and significant others that fly with them is to take this course, even if you come away learning only one thing that can save your life or the lives of your passengers.
Bob & Sue Snyder (Both Pilots)                                           

Dear Randy,
We are at the close of the 2005 Treasure Hunt, which again, has been well received. Thank you for bringing a new touch to the meaning of aviation survival. It is amazing that in the period of time that you demonstrated the survival skills and inflated the life-raft, you changed for each of us, the understanding and the perspective of survival at sea following the ditching of a private plane.
Your intimate knowledge of the elements, nature, sea-life, and survival techniques will be greatly appreciated should we ever face the predicament of flying into the water.

Thierry Pouille, Air  Journey LLC.  


I want to Thank you for coming all this way to put on your Survival 101 seminar for us at Admiral's Cove.  It was obvious that your seminar woke a lot of people up as to what needs to be done to survive in a marine environment.  So many boaters really do not have a clue of what needs to be done in a survival situation and your seminar put us on the right track.  You explain the right  type of equipment that is best to have and how to use it.  I think every boater and pilot that flies over water should participate in your course.  We hope we never need to use this information but if we do, it can help save our lives.
Keep up the great work!
Mike Fortun
Admiral's Cove Yacht Club

Dear Randy,

It was a pleasure having you come to Hot Springs, Arkansas and provide Airborne Air Ambulance with your expertise in survival training.  I can’t remember when we’ve had such a great lesson that will ultimately save our lives and the lives of our patients.  You stayed on task and on time.  Your knowledge was exemplary and you provided real life answers to our questions.  I was very impressed with the Winslow liferaft and look forward to acquiring one for our air ambulance operations. Thanks for a great job!!

Respectfully, Terry Hoard, Dir. of Operations       


Randy has been the water survival "guru" for the Cayman Caravan for the past sixteen years. He has conducted seminars for well over 1,000 general aviation pilots who were about to depart Key West for a flight over Cuba to the Cayman Islands.
The combination of his general aviation experience and Coast Guard background make him uniquely qualified as a bona fide expert in light aircraft overwater operations.

Ross Russo







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