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Land Shark Thermo Protective Aid

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Prod. Code: LS001

Don’t get caught outside without a LAND/Shark Instant Survival Shelter!

“Find Shelter” are the two words that will keep you alive if you’re stuck outdoors this winter waiting for help. Exposure can become life-threatening hypothermia in minutes. It can start innocently enough: A drive in the country, a walk in the woods, or a backcountry ski trip. It could even be a common winter experience: Your car stalls, you get lost, or snowed in.

Outdoor survival experts agree: If you’re going to survive, you’d better find shelter FAST!

Even walking around will build up a sweat. Pretty soon you're shivering. Suddenly, the conditions are ripe for hypothermia - the involuntary loss of core body heat. Hypothermia can kill in only 65-degrees Fahrenheit. Windy, wet conditions, including perspiration, can quickly turn exposure into fatal hypothermia - even in mild temperatures. Your best defense is to find shelter that's warm, dry and out of the wind. Survival experts also warn against building a shelter that requires anything more than minimal effort, because it will only work up a chilling sweat and hasten the onset of hypothermia.

Stored in its water, vapor and grease-proof vacuum sealed pouch, the ultra-lightweight LAND/Shark Instant Survival Shelter measures only 6" x 8" x 1" and weighs a mere 18 oz. (0.5 kg.). When needed, it opens to a windproof, waterproof, heat-retaining roomy 36" x 84" (91.4 cm x 213.4 cm) thermal cocoon that provides full body coverage, even over heavy outerwear and boots. It then protects you from exposure and helps you maintain a life-sustaining core body temperature until help arrives.

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