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Submersible Systems Inc. Spare-Air Package

Price: $329.00
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Prod. Code: SSI001

The Submersible Systems, Inc. Spare-Air  gives you a few extra minutes of breathable (SCUBA) air should you have problems egressing from a water ditched aircraft.

For added safety, I have installed the dial gauge so you always know what your bottle pressure is and a nose clip to keep water out of your nose in case you invert.

  • Dial Gauge Pressure Indicator
  • Spare Air Safety Leash
  • Covered Holster w/ Mouthpiece Cover / Lanyard
  • Nose Clip w/Lanyard
  • SCUBA Tank Re-Fill Adapter (Allows you to fill from standard SCUBA Tank).

Easy mounting holster allows you to mount the Spare-Air Package close at hand.

Aviation Survival Technologies is an authorized repair facility for the Submersible System, Inc. Spare Air and HEEDIII Units.


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