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AST Deluxe Life-vest Signal Kit w/ McMurdo FastFind 210 PLB w/GPS & Strobe Light in Molle Case

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 To be rescued, you must be found! Egressing your aircraft and inflating your lifevest is not enough. If in the water, you will start losing body heat quickly. The AST Lifevest Signal Kit w/ Personal Locater Beacon (PLB) gives you the tools to speed your rescuers to your location. 

Not a problem with the AST Lifevest Signal Kit w/PLB! Once search and rescue receives your 406 MHz distress signal, they will soon be coming to your GPS acquired position. Once they get within your sight, vector them to you by using the signal mirror (40+ mile signal range for aircraft searchers, and 15+ mile range for surface vessels). When they get in your immediate area, open the sea dye marker and shake into the water to make a fluorescent green target. Surface searchers can also hear your SOLAS whistle from 1000 yards out.

The AST Lifevest Signal Kit w/ PLB is small enough (4.5" x 3" x 2.5") that it does not interfere with your activities whether it be pleasure boating, sailing, working on a boat, or just taking a hike in the woods.

The AST Lifevest Signal Kit w/ PLB easily attaches to your belt or life-vest strap so it will be with you when you need it.

Contents and Uses:

  • McMurdo FastFind-210 406 PLB w/GPS: The new McMurdo FastFind 210 w/ strobe light is smaller than many cell phones, yet performs at the same 5 watt power level as it's larger and bulkier PLB counterparts.  See Doug Ritter's (Equipped to Survive Foundation) review of McMurdo 210 PLB.
  • AMK SOL Rescue Flash Signal Mirror: Can be sighted from the air up to 40 miles away! " V" your first two fingers to aim the sun's eight million candle power right into the cockpit of searching aircraft or surface vessels.
  • Orion Sea Dye Marker: Turns the surface water around you to a bright fluorescent green color. Use only when search aircraft or boats are within two miles of your location. 
  • SOLAS Whistle: This whistle can be heard from about 1000 yards (which is eight times further than the human voice can carry). Use to gather your group in the water. In a liferaft? Use to alert others of the liferaft's location. Searching boats can hear this whistle much better than the human voice. (Attached to signal mirror on neck lanyard). 
  • SunX 30 SPF Sunscreen: Oil Free, Non Greasy, UVA/UVB protection, Very water/sweat resistant, PABA Free. Contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. Use cloth swipe to cover head, face, neck, and arms to prevent severe sun exposure. On Land: Contains cedar fragrances to discourage insects.
  • Nylon Braided Line (25' / 155 lb. tensile strength). Tie items together, double the line and tie to partner. Multiple uses in a liferaft.

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