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Kannad 406 MHz AF-H ELT 3 Freq.(Helicopter) w/Complete Hardware

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KANNAD 406AF-H ELT/3 FREQ (22502-02)
Fixed Helicopter Version

KANNAD 406 AF-H is designed to be installed near the tail and to be connected to an outside antenna. A sophisticated  “shock sensor” system will activate the ELT automatically in the event of a crash.
Its small size and light weight makes it ideal for any helicopter.


This newest generation of ELT offers all the latest improvements of the COSPAS-SARSAT system with the 406 MHz frequency at a price slightly over that of conventional two frequency ELTs:
Kannad is Specialist in pinpointing distresses by satellite and number one in 406 MHz maritime Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), and PLB's.

Global Coverage thanks to COSPAS-SARSAT multiple satellite constellation
Precise Pinpointing (<1NM) due to the unparalleled frequency accuracy of the 406 transmitter
Identification of the aircraft in distress. The ELT transmits a unique aircraft identification number
Efficient processing of false alarms to avoid costly search and rescue operations

Supporting Equipment Includes:

  • (20511-01) Universal Mounting Tray
  • (20513-11) Remote Control Panel
  • (20514-03)DIN12 Connector



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