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Ameri-King 451-12 Helo ELT w/Dual Antennas

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The Ameri-King AK-451-( ) Series is a FAA TSO’d approved, 406 MHz ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter, Types (AF) Automatic Fixed, (AP) Automatic Portable, (S) Survival. It transmits aircraft GPS/NAV position data, immediately and accurately, on triple (406 Satellite /243 Military /121.5 Civilian) MHz frequencies.
The supreme advantage feature is the aircraft GPS/NAV Latitude / Longitude exact position shall be transmitted, within 1 minute, on the very first burst, without waiting for a Polar Orbiting Satellite (could be up to 4 hours). Enhance the accuracy significantly, for the ground search area, from 1-2 kilometers (non GPS/ NAV Position) to 22 meters typical (with GPS/NAV Position).
Having triple frequencies insures your distress message reaches both NOAA Satellite Operation and US Air Force AFSR Ground Operation, Search and Rescue Team, with 100% fully confidence, due to transmitting on both 243.0 MHz Military and 121.5 MHz Civilian bands, for immediate ground search dispatch, narrowing the searching time to almost nothing.
The choice is clear, when it come to Safety, Fast, Accuracy, Reliability, Price and Product Support, Ameri-King’s AK-451-( ) Series is your best choice.


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