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2010 Caribbean Sky Tour's Pilot Guide to Mexico

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Due to overwhelming demand from professional and private pilots alike, what began as our Pilot's Guide to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula in 2006 has evolved into the 2010 Pilot's Guide to Mexico, our most ambitious project yet.

Based on current Mexican and US regulations, as well as years of actual flying experience, Caribbean Sky Tours (CST) updates this popular guide yearly with detailed procedures for flying to Mexico and back as well as information on many interesting destinations in Mexico. CST reviews Mexican airport databases with Mexican authorities to select only those airports that are useable by visiting aircraft. CST also includes important telephone numbers for each airport included in the guide so that pilots may obtain updated information on airport status.  Printed entirely in color, the 2010 Pilot’s Guide now includes ALL Mexican international airports as well as many popular secondary airports throughout Mexico. Any pilot needing information for an airport not included in the guide can contact CST and they will verify the status of the airport and if it is operational, CST will provide you with the data. To supplement the Pilot's Guide, we also recommend the Mexican VFR WAC Charts for your navigation needs. Some of the contents include:

» Procedures on how to fly to Mexico, within Mexico and back to the U.S.A.

> Crossing the U.S. ADIZ outbound/inbound
> VFR vs. IFR and Over Land vs. Over Water
> Entry and exit process for Mexico
> Getting fuel & weather information
> Filing and closing flight plans in Mexico
> Much more...

» Verified airport information and Destination information

> Mexico border crossing chart
> Standardized airport format:

- Coordinates
- Runway information
- Communication & navaid frequencies
- Unpublished Flight Service frequencies
- Color aerial pictures and sketches
- Fuel availability and payment methods
- Important airport telephone numbers
- Much more...

> Extensive destination information with:

- History
- Culture
- Activities
- Much more...

» Extensive Reference Section.

> Instructions for completing ICAO flight plans
> Telephone numbers for ALL Mexican flight service stations
> Telephone numbers for CBP airport offices
> How to fill out Mexican aviation documents
> An entire section on eAPIS

» Emergencies & Survival Section

> Survival strategies (Written by Randy Boone)
> Emergency telephone numbers



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